Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Digital Nursery Interactive Learning Table

Contact: Sam Kingsley, The Brainary
P: (03) 5298 1176 E: W:

Location: Online
Dates: Current          RSVP: N/A

Intended Audience: Lower Primary School Teachers, IT/ICT coordinators, Early Learning Centres

 The Brainary is currently launching the brand new Digital Nursery interactive learning table. Digital Nursery is the world's first learning table specifically designed for children 2 to 8 years of age. The aim of Digital Nursery is to equip children with the necessary skills to learn, grow and thrive in a rapidly digitising world.

Digital Nursery:
  • Pre-installed with 9 interactive software activities covering Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics, Music, Art, Emotions and learning about the world around us - making it a complete digital learning package.
  • Unique software overlay - allows children to independently explore applications whilst remaining safe in thier learning and playing environment.
  • Finger touch operation - making individual turn taking and collaborative team work possible.
  • Ideal for interactive storytelling and circle time.
  • Wireless capabilities - can be used with the internet and wireless headphones.
  • Built from sold aluminium incorporating 6mm waterproof & shatterproof safety glass - making it strong and durable.
For further information please visit the website or contact The Brainary on 03 5298 1176 or email