Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Blue Suitcase is touring the North West Tasmania

Contact: Birgitta Magnusson-Reid, Project Officer Burnie Regional Art Gallery
P: 6430 5875 E:

Location: Touring NW primary schools from the Burnie Regional Art Gallery
Dates: 14 October - 7 November 2013          RSVP: Booking details below

Intended Audience: Primary Schools

We are in the lucky position to be able to offer you and your school the rare opportunity to enjoy works from the National Collection of the National Gallery. Burnie Regional Art Gallery has loaned the Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn Gift - Suitcase Kit, which is available to visit schools and community venues free of charge.

The Gallery has loaned the Blue Suitcase - Technology, which showcases the works of six contemporary Australian artist and designers who focus on function, innovative design and construction.

A key feature of the suitcase kit is that the works can all be handled. The shapes, surfaces and tactile qualities of each work can be explored, examined and enjoyed.

We are currently calling for schools and groups that are interested in receiving the suitcase to contact the Gallery.

The suitcase comes with a presenter from the Burnie Regional Art Gallery, who will engage the students with stories about the work.

Primary schools can book the Suitcase by phoning Burnie Regional Art Gallery on 6430 5875 or email: