Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Strategies for Teaching Visual-Spatial Learners

Contact: Lynne Maher, Tasmanian Association for the Gifted
M: 0488 291 497 E: W:

Location: North Hobart
Date of Event: 8 September 2013          RSVP: 7 September 2013

Intended Audience: Educators at all levels

Research has shown that over one-third of the students in regular classrooms are visual-spatial learners. Anecdotally, it is estimated that three-quarters of gifted children are visual-spatial. They take great intuitive leaps. They have highly active right hemispheres, enabling them to see the big picture. They often see the answer all at once in a great, "A-Ha!" They find step-by-step learning tedious.

This session will focus on strategies for teaching these learners. All details are in the flyer.