Wednesday, 4 September 2013

School Based Immunisation Program

Contact: Dianna Marston, SBIIP2 Project Manager, DHHS
P: 6222 7514 E:

Intended Audience: Principals/Leaders, all secondary schools

A major project is in progress to improve vaccination rates through the School Based Immunisation Program. The School Based Immunisation Improvement Project Stage 2 (SBIIP2) is facilitated by the Communicable Diseases Prevention Unit, Department of Health and Human Services.

The project aims to improve vaccination rates in adolescents in Tasmania which are much lower than other States and Territories. The project, originally intended for full implementation in 2014 was brought forward to 2013 with the Australian Government decision to extend the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to males 12-13 years old from February 2013. Follow this link to the new schedule.

The SBIIP2 team is working with local councils who provide the immunisation services in schools. We are also improving our engagement with schools who host the services. Last year we implemented the following initiatives to improve services. The development and distribution of consistent state wide consent forms and fact sheets, increased payments to councils for immunisation services and the provision of a Nurse Immuniser Register to assist with providing staff to deliver the increased number of vaccinations required for the new schedule and for catch ups in grade 9 and 10.

This year a full time Project Manager has been employed to work on the project as improving vaccination rates is extremely important for the health of those immunised and the community. It is important that all those who are eligible for vaccinations receive them as it protects the vulnerable people in the community who cannot receive vaccines because of their age or medical conditions.

The current immunisation service has been assessed through a survey aimed at schools and councils. The results of the surveys were discussed in a recent 2 day workshop involving all council immunisation providers. It was a very positive gathering and the discussions will assist us with prioritising the best way to improve services.

For further information please contact Dianna Marston, SBIIP2 Project Manager, 6222 7514 or