Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lulu and the Paige-Turners - local music show youth friendly

Contact: Dario Phillips
M: 0439 426 382 E: W: /

Location: Hobart
Dates: 7 & 8 September 2013          Tickets on sale now via website

Intended Audience: All ages

Inspired by the performances of bands such as Rapscallion and The Dresden Dolls, Lulu and the Paige Turners deliver a dynamic spectacle that is evocative and awe-inspiring. Contemporary sounds and sweet melodies meet cabaret-esque rhythm and vocal attitude that mesmerize listeners into Lulu's world.

Lulu and the Paige-Turners introduced themselves to an elated sold out audience at the Peacock Theatre in Hobart earlier this year. A majestic 11th century cathedral then awaited Lulu as she toured the UK during July. Now returned, Lulu & the Paige-Turners are set to launch their EP "Bookends and Begin-Agains'.

Lulu and her band are 20 years of age and younger, demonstrating a great example of local young people achieving in creative pursuits and producing quality performances.

Saturday night, Sunday is an afternoon matinee with family ticket packages.

Lulu's EP is currently streaming online via Aphra Magazine.

Live show promo clip.