Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Know Your Odds Music Mash project

Contact: Ben Ross, Gambling Support Program, DHHS
P: 62334109 E:

Location: State-wide
Competition runs during October           Closing Date: 25 October 2013

Intended Audience: High School and College teachers and music students

The DHHS is seeking people under 25 years old to make 'music mashes' for the Know Your Odds FlashMobs Competition. Ten people will be paid $2000 each to make music mashes.

The DHHS Know Your Odds campaign provides information to the community about the risks and potential harms of gambling. Young people are identified as a risk group, due to the prevalence of youth gambling, and the emergence of new forms of gambling and gambling promotions, in particular those accessed online. Young people are also at risk of gambling related harms when a family member or close friend is having difficulty with gambling.

The DHHS initiates a range of community education projects to access risk groups. This project, as part of the Know Your Odds FlashMobs Competition, will help communicate 'prevention' information about gambling, such as the fact that in the long term the house edge in commercial games of chance ensures that the player will lose.

The DHHS will pay 10 people $2000 to create original music for the project. Entrants should have experience in digital music production. See the Flashmobs page on our website or the attached brochure for entry details. More information, Ben Ross 6233 4109.