Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Impact of Trauma on Learning Workshop for Educators

Contact: Pamela Leach, Phoenix Centre, Hobart
P: 6234 9138 E:

Location: Kingston
Date: 4-6 pm 16 October          RSVP: 14 Oct but space limited

Intended Audience: All educators in Southern Tasmania area welcome--no cost

Participatory workshop offers a deeper understanding of neurology of trauma, how it may impact learning functions and the educator's engagement with students, and suggest helpful strategies of support.

Trauma derives from experience of loss, violence, family breakdown, psychological and other abuse, or witnessing such. Extreme trauma breaks down the normal capacity for resilience and may trap the person in a hyper-alert state of internal panic. Behaviours result which have significant impacts for the health of classroom and school communities.

This workshop uses a participatory pedagogy to work creatively at building trust, confidence, self-esteem and effective learning rapports with affected students. Staff will have the opportunity to test ideas, expand their comfort zones in dealing with these challenges, to consider the range of triggers that bring out problem behaviours, and to reflect on how team work can assist in easing the process. Participants will also be encouraged to reflect on the possibilities of vicarious trauma and burn out that may haunt them, and how peer support can be mobilized.

The workshop has been offered five times around Tasmania and has been very well received.