Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Free Postal Ballot Kits

Contact: Wendy Polzin, Tasmanian Electoral Commission Education Consultant
M: 0428 339 400 E: W:

Location: Statewide
Intended Audience: SRC co-ordinators & SOSE teachers (primary and secondary)

Looking for a unique way to hold a mock election?

These kits are just what you're you need... and they're FREE! The kits contain authentic materials for conducting a postal ballot. Tasmanian teachers of classes from year 4 through to year 12 have already had great experiences with the kits.

Request your free kits by email -

Indicate approximate number of students that will be using the kits, so we can supply sufficient materials.

We have supplied kits for small groups, individual classes, year groups and even an entire college!

What you'll receive - Customisable, printable resources such as posters, candidate statements, and ballot papers, a Robson Rotation tool, authentic postal ballot envelopes to stuff and deliver, and much more.

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