Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Free Holocaust Online Resource

Contact: Matthew Muscat
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Location: Online

Intended Audience: History, Art, English, Religion and other interested teachers and students

Andrew Steiner, an Adelaide artist, historian and Holocaust Survivor has delivered an exhibition entitled: 'Remember the Holocaust: Art and the Holocaust' successfully here in Adelaide over the past three years. St Michael's College Adelaide, hosted his exhibition with over 700 students, teachers, old scholars and members of the public attending.

The 2012 exhibition was filmed and created into an Online Virtual Exhibition so that schools, students and teachers could access this educational resource for free around the world.

The free online Virtual Exhibition includes testimony from three Holocaust Survivors: Andrew Steiner, Regina Zielinski (Escaped from Sobibor Death Camp) and Eva Temple (youngest Bergen-Belsen Survivor), a guided tour of the exhibition and educational program; and discussion topics by three renowned scholars on the Holocaust.