Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Workshop on the BIG "g" project to measure gravity

Contact: Ian Newman, University of Tasmania
M: 0466 361 779 E:

Location: Sandy Bay
Dates of Event: 21 & 22 Aug, 3:45pm         RSVP: 2 days prior

Intended Audience: Grades 4 to 10 wanting a simple science experiment

Hands-on workshop at the University of Tasmania to discuss the BIG "g" project and to develop teaching strategies for a classroom experiment to measure gravity. It covers many science skills in the Australian Curriculum.

After school on two alternative days - choose one.

Gravity varies slightly from place to place on earth. The BIG "little-g" project is to measure "g" at schools all over Australia during 2013. It covers most of the science skills in the Australian Curriculum in a way that can engage students in groups or individually. I offer this 1-hour, hands-on workshop so that teachers can explore the experiment, teaching strategies for it and identify assessment options. The experiment can be done over a wide range of skill and competency levels.

Please bring a piece of string and a suitable weight to tie on to it. "How long is a piece of string?" is a relevant question! 

Further information on the Project is in the flyer I sent to SciNet on 30 Sept and also on the web site of the Australian Institute of Physics.

Location: Physics building, Lab 3 on Level 2

UTas campus map