Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Turn a Hobby into a Career - Painting

Contact: Rosny LINC
Location: Rosny LINC
Date of Event: 6 September 2013

Intended Audience: anyone wishing to learn

Come along and meet Peter Glover at Rosny LINC and learn about Painting. Peter started his career as a professional painter some 25 years ago, interpreting the landscape in a Heidelberg school style. It was during this time, that Peter developed his unique vision of capturing the landscape.

He has gained a reputation for boldness, energy and vitality, which can be seen in his works through the brush strokes and high colour tone.

Peter has developed his own visions to interpret the Tasmanian Landscape. The influence on his painting is of the Australian Impressionistic tradition. His use of a more free-flowing style with higher colour tones has gained him a reputation for his boldness, energy, and vitality in his works. Over the years Peter has had many exhibitions of his paintings.

In this session Peter will demonstrate and talk about painting, colours, painting mediums and some of the techniques learnt in our LearnXPress course.

This session commences at 10am and will run for approximately an hour.