Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Turn a Hobby into a Career - Focus on French

Contact: Rosny LINC

Location: Rosny LINC
Date of Event: 5 September 2013

Intended Audience: anyone wishing to learn

Come along at 9.30am and meet Murielle Kuczynski and learn about our French classes. Murielle grew up in Lorraine in the North-East of France - a region famous for its quiche Lorraine. Murielle is an experienced French tutor with LINC Tasmania, and private schools, from grade 5 to grade 11-12 and Uni students.

She draws on her experience of learning English in Australia and applies it to her teaching of French. She gives the students many opportunities to talk and provides modern French in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. She is one of our most popular and dedicated French tutors.

In this session Murielle will share with you her love of the French language and talk about what you learn in her LearnXPress language classes. There will also be a DVD on France and many wonderful materials for you to see.

This session commences at 9.30am and will run for approximately an hour.