Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tasmania's Amazing Marine Environment

Contact: Jane Tompson, IA Marine Project Officer, UTAS
P: 6226 7477 E:

Location: Various, see flyer
Available: 1 September to 30 November 2013

Intended Audience: Teachers, Yr 7 - 10 students

From 1 September - 30 November 2013, you and your students ( Years 7 - 10) can take part in a range of marine tours and experiences at specially discounted rates - see attached flyer.

This Inspiring Australia funded project brings Tasmanian marine tour operators, marine scientists, and marine educators together to share their knowledge of our unique marine environments with the wider community. It aims to assist secondary schools in accessing marine tours and attractions within their local area, and provides curriculum support for preparatory and follow-up activities.

Resources are supplied to support each tour - including a free copy of "Nowhere Else on Earth - Tasmania's Marine Natural Values", and teacher notes with activity ideas and links to the Australian Curriculum.

In addition, a marine scientist from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, UTAS , or CSIRO may be available to accompany the group and add their expertise on the day .