Wednesday, 7 August 2013

nextgen Business Team Challenge

Contact: Adam Mostogl of illuminate SDF
P: 0438810733 E: W:

Location: Hobart
Dates: 4 to 8 November, 2013          Closing Date: 27 September

Intended Audience: Grade 9 & 10 students in teams of 6

The nextgen Business Team Challenge is based around students being put into teams where they develop a business model that solves a real problem in our community.

The students will complete a number of real-world tasks to prove the effectiveness of their idea, with scaffolding from a number of speakers from the business and educational community to provide students with real world advice that will benefit the creation of the required tasks, while also leaving a lasting impact with information that students can take with them into their working lives.

The nextgen Business Team Challenge, presented in partnership with the Australian Maritime College & the Faculty of Business, is an exciting way for students to engage with and gain an understanding of the business world and where they fit into it. University lecturers, business students and relevant industry leaders share their knowledge and experience to help mentor the students as they learn about a range of business tools such as strategic planning, marketing, social media, finance and logistics. Using this knowledge, students work as a team of six to pitch their business idea, make sure it's viable, create a marketing campaign and creatively present this to the judges and other competitors. Students do not need to have completed business studies to participate.

For more information, please view the attached flyer or go online - and if you are interested you can sign up
online too!