Wednesday, 14 August 2013

LGBTI Scholarship Opportunity

Contact: Mike Cain - Chair of the Tasmanian Regional Committee, The Pinnacle Foundation
M: 0400 734 798 E: W:

Location: State-wide
Closing Date: 01 October 2013

Intended Audience: 16-24yo LGBTI people seeking an education scholarship

The Pinnacle Foundation was established to provide scholarships and mentoring for disadvantaged LGBTI youth. No matter what your interest or what you aspire to be, we may be able to offer the financial support and resources to help you get there!

Scholarships will be provided for young LGBTIQ who desire to undertake full-time or part-time education at a public or private secondary school (final year) or public institution of higher education in Australia. It will be for the purpose of gaining an educational or vocational qualification in any profession, trade or the arts. The grant will sit alongside and complement other government funding rather than duplicate it.

The Scholarship will under certain conditions cover such vital needs as the cost of tuition fees or dues to an approved educational institution, laptop, textbooks, uniforms, professional membership or student union fees, professional tools of trade and public transport concession passes.

The Scholarship is not designed to support expenses such as pocket money, or other personal expenses not directly related to their studies.

Scholarships will be granted for a period of one year. However, an existing Scholarship holder is entitled to reapply for the Scholarship should they comply with goals enshrined in The Pinnacle Foundation (Criteria and Process) Policy 2011.

Importantly, payments will be made directly to educational institutions and other suppliers of goods and services. This is so recipients can get on with learning and not get bogged down in paying bills. Plus, as a charity, we might be able to do some good deals with suppliers.


For more information please visit The Pinnacle Foundation website