Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Igniting Talent: Toddlers to Teens

Contact: Tasmanian Association for the Gifted
M: 0488 291 497 E: W:

Location: Hobart
Dates: 6-8 September 2013          Closing Date: 5 September 2013

Intended Audience: Educators and parents

This conference aims to explore ways to
  • Maintain children's passion for and excitement of learning;
  • Develop potential into talent; and
  • Cater for gifted students within the Australian Curriculum
This conference brings together more than 30 presenters from Tasmania, interstate and overseas to share their expertise with parents, educators and educational administrators in:
  • Understanding and catering for the needs of gifted and highly able children (up to 15% of all our students)
  • Understanding and catering for gifted children who also have a disability
  • Understanding visual spatial learners (one third of our students) and teaching them effectively
  • Differentiating the curriculum to better cater for all students in the classroom
  • Video-gaming and gifted students
  • Creativity
  • Social and Emotional needs of gifted students
  • Extension and Enrichment
  • Setting up a school wide gifted program
For the program and details of the speakers and sessions, go to the conference website.