Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Free, 2013 Election Resource - The Examiner NiE

Contact: The Examiner Newspapers in Education
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Orders close: 21 August
Intended Audience: Grades 5-10 students

The "2013 Election Show" is a 2-part Grades 5 - 10 resource based on the big question: How can I be a responsible citizen?  Designed around the Australian Curriculum, this resource is free to schools.

Orders close 21 August

The "2013 Election Show" key inquiry questions:
  • How does our democratically elected system of government work?
  • What are the rights, responsibilities and benefits for participants in
  • a democratic society?
  • Does your vote really count?
  • Why is it important to become an active participant in the
  • decision-making process?
  • How can we take positive action?
  • What are the key election issues for 2013?
***Plus student views and party statements.

For more details and order form, see attached flyer.