Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Book now for Brainstorm's 2014 tour of 'The Human Race'

Contact: Brainstorm Productions
Freecall 1800 676 224 E:  W:

Location: Incursion, performed live at your school!
Book now for: Term 2, 2014 

Intended Audience: All schools

Award winning primary school performance about bullying, exclusion, problem solving, resilience and values. Available to perform at your school in term 2, 2014.

The Human Race gives simple strategies for building skills in conflict resolution, problem solving, assertiveness, kindness and having empathy and respect for others. It challenges children to find out what qualities we need to create positive relationships at school, on-line and in the community and ultimately as citizens of the world. Message is be kind, do your best, play by the rules and never give up.

For bookings or more information about 'The Human Race' or our high school production 'Verbal Combat' touring in Tasmania in term 2, 2014, phone freecall 1800 676 224 or visit our website or email