Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Women in Physics Lecture

Contact: Kate Baldry

Location: Hobart
Date of Event: 22 August, 2013         RSVP: 15 August

Intended Audience: Years 11 and 12 Physics and Physical Science students

Elisabetta Barberio, Professor of Physics and internationally recognised particle physicist will be presenting the 2013 Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Women in Physics lecture at The Friends' School. Professor Barberio is part of the ATLAS team at the Large Hadron Collider and was involved in the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Her work has helped verify key aspects of the Standard Model of matter.

The lecture will run from 12-1pm at The Farrall Centre, The Friends' School, and students should be seated by 11.50pm.

Please contact Kate Baldry ( with numbers by 15 August.