Thursday, 4 July 2013

Understanding and Positively Managing Challenging Behaviour

Contact: ASID Tasmania - E:
Lena Mitchell - 6244 9444 or Ian Hopkins - 0400 165 563

Location: Brighton (South) / Punchbowl (North)
Dates of Events: 12/13 August (South) & 15/16 August (North)   RSVP: ASAP - Limited places

Intended Audience: Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Health Professionals

This workshop is designed to assist workers to understand and respond positively to people presenting with challenging behaviour.

The workshop is interactive assisting people to understand how biological, psychological and social issues impact on people in their everyday lives. The workshop explores the impact of neurological and cognitive difficulties that are often similar for people with a range of diagnoses including intellectual disability, autism, acquired brain injury and people with a history of trauma. The impact of these difficulties is used to explain the causes of challenging behaviour and develop a foundation for calm, effective and positive intervention.

The workshop discusses the use of traditional responses (including punishment) and more positive (non-aversive) alternatives. This discussion is not to argue that punishment does not work, but rather that it is not necessary for effective intervention. The discussion will also examine some of the limitations of traditional responses and the additional benefits of positive practices that are not available through the use of punishment. It also challenges participants to consider the meaning of a persons' behaviour which is influenced by the context in which it occurs. Within a positive framework, the workshop introduces both proactive and reactive intervention strategies. This training explicitly identifies strategies for keeping people safe during crises, without resorting to aversive or restrictive practices, and for avoiding behaviour problems in the future.

The one-day seminar is followed by a workshop on the following day. Please note that spaces are limited for the workshop and attendance at the seminar is essential for participation.

Flyer - South

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