Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Spinesafe Program bookings

Contact: Dr Alison McConnell Imbriotis
P: 6251 1986 F: 6272 8511 E: W:

Location: Statewide
Available: Ongoing

Intended Audience: Principals, Heads of Health and Physical Education, Heads of VET, Heads of Science

The SpineSafe Education Program is accepting bookings for Term 3 and 4.

Mapped against both the current Tasmanian Health and VET Curricula and the proposed revised National Health Curriculum (detail available on request). Suitable for Years 5-6, Years 7-8. Years 9-10. Also suitable for an integrated curriculum module.

Presenters, who generally use a wheelchair, will come to your school to conduct presentations/workshops. Using narrative, problem based learning and critical inquiry techniques they provide students with opportunities to develop health literacy, acquire and create knowledge and apply that knowledge to solving problems. Strength based approach, with critical inquiry workshops addressing transforming risky situations and behaviour while engaging with a healthy, active life. Free of charge to schools.

Please see attached information.

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Details of mapping against the current Tasmania Curricula and the proposed National Health and Physical Education Curriculum can be provided on request.

In addition to our SpineSafe Education program Paraquad Tasmania is also keen to work with schools on developing an integrated cross curricula module and whole school projects.

We are currently looking for schools who are interested in an interactive project to develop educational materials by students for students. Please let our coordinator know if you are interested in joining with us in this exciting initiative.

There are many ways schools and Paraquad Tasmania can work together to help our young people become more spine safe and more resilient.
  • Provide a framework about the spine
  • Promote mindful action
  • Facillitate ownership of strategies to manage risky situations and reduce risk taking behaviour
  • Support students with disabilities to find sports
  • Share the experience of wheelchair basketball