Wednesday, 24 July 2013

RACI Crystal Growing Competition

Contact: Reyne Pullen
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Location: In your classroom
Intended Audience: Teachers Years 1 - 10, and students years 1 - 10

Here is an opportunity for your students to take part in a science-based competition. Students can participate as individuals or with a classmate.

They grow a crystal of alum.  What makes the best conditions for growth?

The competition is open to primary (1-6) and secondary (7-10) school students with prizes awarded for lower primary, upper primary and secondary age groups. All students participating will receive certificates and the winners receive prizes.How do you grow good crystals?

Using a saturated solution of Alum, crystals are grown over a period of 2-5 weeks so it is important to begin your experiments early allowing time for your crystals to develop. With simple kitchen items students can grow their first seed crystal and then (with time and patience) watch it grow.

The deadline for entry has been extended, but try to register in the next week.

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