Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Contact: Sarah Weaver
M: 0419 135 803 E:

Location: Moonah
Exhibition opens: Wednesday 7 August at 6pm           Closes 7 September

Intended Audience: High School and College Art Students and teachers and the whole community

Overload is a group art exhibition for Haemochromatosis Awareness Week (hereditary iron overload) which is 12-18 August.  Venue: The Stable Gallery, Cooleys Hotel, Moonah

Previously thought of as rare, Haemochromatosis is now known to be our most common recessive gene disorder - resulting in suffers accumulating too much iron, which can cause serious heath issues. To help raise awareness of this condition, artists have created works along the theme and written artist's reflections to accompany them.

This is an excellent exhibition for high school and college art students or any member of the public to visit, as it is a really good example of using art as a communication tool to get an important public health message across to the community.

 We are holding it at Cooleys as people will see the exhibition who might not normally visit an art gallery. Overload will be available to view