Thursday, 4 July 2013

ECET (North) Professional Learning Opportunity

Contact: Bronwyn Bushby

Location: Newnham
Date of Event: Wednesday 24 July 2013       Closing Date/RSVP: 17 July 2013

Intended Audience: Early Childhood Educators

Knowing Hands!!

Clay, imagination & whole person growth

ECET North invites interested early childhood educators to an exciting professional learning opportunity with Wendy Nash, from the University of Tasmania.

This workshop invites participants to engage with their hands to explore one of nature's most precious mediums passed down through the ages. Come and play. Explore this medium using your creative instincts. You will be invited to get to know the medium at a sensory level and then partner to create naturally. Engaging with clay is a timeless inner process, bringing the creator into the presence with the medium in mindful, ever present ways. Expanding the senses, it is an invaluable enhancement to the development of our young throughout their growing years.

Wendy has worked with children and people of all ages over many years. Educator, Art Therapist & Community Artist, Wendy has particular interest in the inner child in each of us and the great gift of learning that involves the whole person and of course, all the senses. Clay has been used by many cultures since time began. Being the most basic material it offers the creator the possibility of partnering with the medium to co-create - a very centering and empowering experience. Wendy also believes engaging with clay regularly is a natural birth right of every child.