Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Adobe Generation - Free online training

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Location: Online
Course commences: 24 July 2013       Closing Date/RSVP: 24 July 2013

Intended Audience: TasTAFE Design and Multimedia staff and some College and High School staff

Adobe Generation ANZ is a free online course for teachers that aims at inspiring teachers to use 'Digital Creativity' in the Classroom. All the information in published here is in the attached flyer.

Teachers will learn from professional animators, film makers, photographers, illustrators, designers, artists and qualified educators from across the globe. They will study the latest techniques, share ideas and develop practical skills to build your confidence and extend your skills using the latest Adobe tools.

The course lasts for 5 weeks; classes are weekly, live and online and runs for 1.5 hrs (classes are also recorded). When teachers complete the course, they will earn an Adobe Generation certification.

Overview of the Course:
This course is about photo Imaging - taking digital images, enhancing them, being creative with them. The course is aimed at teachers and educationalists who wish improve their ability and confidence to create images and develop their classroom practice.

In this course we will cover key imaging techniques and principles, move on to some more in depth work and explore some advanced image creation and enhancement techniques (using Adobe Photoshop CS6). Each week you'll hear from a professional about how they use some of the skills and techniques we're covering and tune in to expert teachers who will share their classroom successes.

You'll be asked to maintain an online image portfolio and will be set a weekly task to complete and display in your portfolio before the following session to reinforce the learning and allow you to start expanding your own portfolio.

The first live class for this course is on Wednesday 24 July 2013!

How it works:
Register - Simply click here to complete your online registration form.

Attend - Adobe Generation courses run online, so you can learn from anywhere. The one and a half hour tutorials are weekly and run in the evenings for five weeks. If you have to miss a live session, you can watch a recording later.

Participate - During the course, you'll learn new techniques and complete creative challenges alongside other teachers from Australia across the globe.

Graduate - Once you've completed all course requirements (including the final project), you'll earn your Adobe Generation certificate and digital badge. You'll also be ready to integrate digital media into your teaching practice.