Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Writer as Crafter of Texts presented by Professor Beverly Derewianka

Contact: Contact: Jennie Amos

Location: Glenorchy
Date of Event: 26 June 2013          RSVP date: 21 June 2013

Intended Audience: Teachers - All.

Part B: Exploring the clause as a slice of experience

To improve student learning outcomes, we need to extend teachers' existing knowledge about language ('knowing what') and recognise and build on their pedagogic expertise to teach about language ('knowing how') across a range of teaching contexts and all learning areas.

In this workshop we will take a close look at how the clause functions to represent 'what's going on', looking at the various elements and the way they combine to make meaning.

This is the second session of a two part professional learning opportunity. However, you are welcome to enrol in this session even if you did not attend the first session.

Tattersalls Park Function Centre Glenorchy, 26 June 2013 4pm-7pm

See attached flyer for more details.

RSVP: by Friday June 21