Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sociology 3C Professional Learning

Contact: Anna Krawec E: or
Tania George-Gamlyn E:

Location: Launceston
Date of Event: 22 July 2013      Closing Date/RSVP: 2 July 2013

Intended Audience: Senior Secondary Sociology teachers

The Professional learning will provide an opportunity to look at research methodology in relation to the investigative project.

With support from UTAS staff Associate Professor Roberta Julian, Associate Professor Daphne Habibis, Emeritus Professor Malcolm Waters and Associate Professor Bruce Tranter the three sessions will cover:-
  • Investigative project and Inequality
  • Evaluating theories
  • Power and Politics
The PL begins at 10.00 and finishes at 3.30

Venue: Newstead College, Launceston

Lunch will be provided but please notify us if you have any special dietary requirements