Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pathways - From school to UTAS: A natural fit?

Contact: David Kronenberg
E: P: 6226 2280

Location: Hobart
Date of Event: 10 July 2013

Intended Audience: Leaders, Primary, Secondary, Teachers - All.

Student retention rates and school closures are common topics of debate for anyone involved in education in this state. These issues - and the fallout arising - have a significant impact on local communities, on schools, on the teaching profession, on the government - and on UTAS.

One strategy that may provide a positive impact on student retention rates across Tasmania is the provision of stronger and more effective links between UTAS and its feeder schools. Whilst the merits of programs like the College Model and the High Achievers program are well understood, they are nowhere near enough!
Not only students at secondary levels, but also students at primary levels and even pre-school levels, should be able in some way to recognise the value of UTAS - or any other tertiary provider - and to see a tertiary option as a natural choice.

How might this be achieved? Is it possible? Can it happen in Tasmania?
Be part of the solution. Join in the debate with:
  • Prof David Sadler (DVC- Students & Education)
  • Prof Sue Kilpatrick (Director, Centre for University Partnerships)
  • Prof David Adams (Social Inclusion Commissioner for Tasmania)
and let's consider the possibilities for change.

A dinner conversation at:
University Club, Dobson Road, Sandy Bay
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Members: $55
Non-member: $60