Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thanks for your feedback on Infostream

Thanks for all the feedback on the new format for Infostream General Notices.

iPad users can now add Infostream to the Homescreen.

Summarising the responses...
  • Most readers believe the features provided by the new format is an improvement.
  • Those who view Infostream on a mobile device (23%) find it's easier to read.
  • Many missed the emailed titles - they are now back.
  • Some found that Infostream loads slowly - we have trimmed the file size.
A few readers asked why we changed the format.
There are a few reasons:
  • The number of notices and attachments being submitted each week is rising (over 60 some weeks) resulting in a considerable workload. The new format uses an online form that automatically posts the notice.
  • Access via mobile devices has increased from 16% to 23% so far this year and is likely to go higher. The old format did not suit mobiles.
  • Notices with errors could not be corrected after publication.
  • The email format often had broken links due to complex formatting.
Please continue to give us feedback so that we can fine-tune the new format.