Thursday, 16 May 2013

Welcome to the new Format!

As you can see Infostream General Notices has a new format - and new features.

See a short video introduction. In brief the new format
  • provides new ways to find items of interest
  • still allows you to just scan headings (see Infostream Archive on the right hand side)
  • is accessible on mobile devices
  • allows you to print and forward individual notices
  • has a new online submission form
  • is significantly quicker to publish
Thanks to those who provided feedback on this new format for Issue 47.
Feedback on Issue 48 is welcome.

Feedback from Issue 47 trial of new format last week.

Easy to read:                                     67%        Difficult: 8%
Easy to search:                                  75%        Difficult: 8%
Easy to browsing past issues:         92%        Difficult: 0%
Easy to select content types:         83%        Difficult: 0%

Useful features of new format:
Ability to search and browse past issues:                              Useful: 92%        Not useful: 8%
Ability to print individual notices:                                           Useful: 83%        Not useful: 8%
Ability to forward an individual notice via email:                 Useful:  83%       Not useful: 8%
Ability to select labels on notices:                                           Useful: 75%        Not useful: 8%
Ability to read on mobile devices including phones:           Useful: 67%        Not useful: 8%

Some comments:

“Well done!”
“Much more engaging than the previous format. I might even look at this one.”
“This new format looks great but it takes more time to access.”
“While I feel the new format is leaps and bounds better than before, I also feel is would be better served to have threaded headings on the page and then when someone clicks a heading of interest, it then shows the more detailed information.”
“Having summaries makes it look very wordy.”

Provide Feedback on Issue 48.