Thursday, 9 May 2013

Overland Track Usage Guidelines

Contact: Parks and Wildlife Service

Intended Audience: All schools & colleges; teachers of PE & Outdoor Ed

In August 2012 the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) released the Overland Track Usage Policy. This document was prepared in response to calls from bushwalkers to clarify the arrangements that exist around the Overland Track management system and in particular those walks only using part of the track during the booking season, 1 October – 31 May each year.

When first released, it appeared the policy was generally accepted. However, as the walking season progressed, some issues became evident which have resulted in a revision of this document.

Please find attached the new Overland Track Usage Guidelines. You will notice a number of changes between this and the original document. One that is significant is a preamble that provides a rationale for the Guidelines.

We trust these Guidelines will provide the guidance required for bushwalkers to plan their walks without fear of finding themselves in a disagreement with a PWS Track Ranger; and PWS with the facility to provide bushwalkers with consistent and accurate advice. And please remember that if you require further clarification, contact Overland Track staff as per the details listed in the guidelines.

Input has been provided from a wide range of people in the development of these guidelines, but in particular I would like to thank the Hobart Walking Club and Bushwalking Tasmania for the time they have devoted to considering the issues and contributing to the revision.

Kind Regards,

Stuart Lennox
Manager – Visitor Services
Parks and Wildlife Service