Thursday, 9 May 2013

Onset of winter and School Bus Safety reminder

Contact: Karen Kean, Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources
P: 6233 2182 E: W:

Location: Your school
Intended Audience: All schools

Leading into winter means wet and slippery roads, reduced visibility due to fog and a reduction in daylight hours, it is really important for all road users to take extra care on our roads and switch on your lights earlier. Until the age of 12, young road users are unable to correctly gauge the speed or direction of a vehicle so it is essential that a car’s lighting works correctly so that the vehicle can be seen and the driver can see others clearly.

Take extra care around School Bus Stops and remember you must slow to at least 40km/h not only through school zones, but when you are travelling within 50 metres of a school bus that has its lights flashing. Children can be quite unpredictable and can run out onto the road unexpectedly; motorists need to be travelling slowly enough to stop suddenly if necessary.

Why not get a group together and create a bus buddy program in your School? One student, teacher or parent can make a difference and a team can make the whole community safer, just print them out the bus buddy poster below and pop your contact details on there. Educators, parents and older students can help teach bus safety.

“Stop, Look, Listen and Think”, and help young road users understand the importance of school bus safety through the school bus safety website. The website provides important safety information through interactive online games, quiz, craft ideas and other activities. It also features valuable information for parents, bus drivers and educators.

Download the Bus Buddy Poster