Thursday, 16 May 2013

HPE - Significant Professional Learning Opportunity - 5 & 6 September 2013

Contact: Tim Medwin, Curriculum Teacher Leader / Health and Physical Education
P: 6235 6501 M: 0418 130 582 E:

Location: Launceston
Date of Event: 5 & 6 September 2013

Intended Audience: Teachers - All

'Curriculum Services' in collaboration with 'ACHPER' Tasmania branch will be providing two distinctly different days of professional learning which will be directly related to the implementation of the Australian Curriculum.

The overarching theme to both days is 'Health and Physical Education – Shaping up to the Australian Curriculum'

Curriculum services will be responsible for the first day and will run an innovative 'Symposium' focussing on 'Personal, Social and Community Health' which is one of two inter-related strands embedded in the Australian Curriculum. This will be an ideal opportunity for teachers (predominantly from years 9 -12) to scope teaching and learning issues, share expertise and extend knowledge and skills. Up to two teachers from each Government school will be invited to attend the 'Symposium' (one days relief per teacher will be made available to each school). A comprehensive overview of participating organisations and the format of the day will be made available on June 10 which will give participating schools a 3 month lead in to the event. Non-government schools are invited to attend (there will be a minimal recovery of $50.00 per person from these organisations).

ACHPER will be presenting the annual Health and Physical Education conference on Friday 6 September and this day will focus on the second of the interrelated strands of the Australian Curriculum – 'Movement and Physical Activity'. In response to the PL needs of Health and Physical Educators from across the state, ACHPER has organised a variety of state and national presenters. A snapshot of the day's hot topics includes:
  • Presentations specifically geared to the Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Sectors and the Australian Curriculum
  • A state and national showcase of sport and physical activity programs
  • Public recognition of exemplary programs in schools – a 'Pecha Kucha' session featuring 6 schools
  • Awards presented to outstanding contributors (now sponsored by KooGa sports apparel company)
The information gained from these two days will form the basis of professional learning programs for HPE teachers in the future. The final program for this event will be made available on June 10.

If you have been looking for quality professional learning experiences, then either (or both) of these days will present some excellent opportunities for you, your school and ultimately your students. Please put these dates into your diaries as a 'must do' for this year. Your understanding of the new Australian Curriculum will be significantly enhanced by attending this PL program.

If you know about some great programs that are being run in Tasmania, please don't hesitate to let us know.