Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Neuroscience of Caregiving: workshop with Dr Dan Hughes

Contact: Australian Childhood Foundation

Location: Hobart
Date of Event: 13 June 2013

Intended Audience: Parents/Carers

A Brain Based Attachment Approach to Supporting Traumatised and Vulnerable  Children, Young People and Families.

Hi there,

I want to let you know that we are going to have the rare opportunity to do  training with Daniel Hughes in Hobart. If you want to know more about  working with children and adolescents with attachment/trauma disorders, this  training is not to be missed!

Dan Hughes has been the primary influence in equipping me with the skills and confidence to work with even the most aggressive and disturbed young people. Dan's approach is called Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. It  involves working with the child/adolescent and a stable attachment figure together (a parent or caregiver or a youth worker). Using this approach has enabled me to help many children and teenagers recover from attachment disorders and resume normal life. It works!

Dan will be in Hobart for a 2 day training session on 13th and 14th June 2013, auspiced by ACF. I highly recommend this training for counsellors, youth workers, family workers, refuge workers, foster carers, child
protection workers, teachers and senior education and support staff.

Workshop and registration details.

Jai Friend
Clinical Family Therapist/Social Worker
Clare House Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

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