Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mouthguard Awareness and competition

Contact: Phoebe Saunders, Concultant, Porter Novelli
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Date: 29 May 2013

Intended Audience: All schools especially primary schools

The Australian Dental Association has once again launched its annual initiative to encourage Australian kids and their parents to understand the long-term and costly risks associated with not wearing a mouthguard when playing contact or high intensity sports.
While more children are playing high intensity sport than ever before, they are also presenting to hospital emergency departments with oral trauma more than ever before. Despite this, more than half of Australian children do not wear a mouthguard when training or in matches. A protective mouthguard, preferably one custom fitted by a dentist, is the easiest way to ensure maximum protection during high intensity sport. A mouthguard reduces the risk of sports injury as it cushions the teeth against impact, decreases the likelihood of jaw dislodgement and neck trauma common with heavy knocks, and can even minimise the risk of concussion.

Just like wearing a helmet when riding a bike is a given, so too should the practice of wearing a mouthguard.

We kindly ask your help in encouraging students to wear a mouthguard when playing contact or high intensity sports, making the practice mandatory – whether it’s a school or extracurricular phys ed activity.

How can your school get involved?

There are several great educational assets available for order, including:
· Free and fun activity kits targeted at primary school aged students, available as classroom or take-home tasks (sent via email)
· Free Mouthguard Awareness A3 posters, available for pin up in classrooms and gyms (sent via post as printed, glossy print-outs)
· Free Mouthguard Awareness fact sheets, with more information about why wearing a mouthguard is so important, how to choose a mouthguard and dealing with accidents (sent via email)

Committed to Mouthguards – win a $1000 grant for sporting equipment!

To encourage Aussie school students and club participants to protect their teeth while playing sport, the ADA is hosting its annual Committed to Mouthguards competition, offering entrants the chance to win one of three $1000 grants for sporting equipment and facilities. Visit the Mouth Guard Awareness website to enter your school today!

For more information or to order any of the free Mouthguard Awareness educational materials, please contact myself via return email.
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