Thursday, 11 April 2013

26TEN : Get the tools for life

Contact: The 26TEN Network
P: 1300 002610 W:

Intended Audience: All schools for school newsletters

Do you or someone you know have trouble reading this newsletter or a newspaper, understanding labels on medicine or adding up bills?

If so, you are not alone. Almost 1 in 2 Australian adults has difficulty with everyday literacy tasks.

In Tasmania, the 26TEN Network helps adults who want to improve their reading, writing and maths skills.

26TEN offers one to one tutoring, small group activities and courses so everyone can learn at their own pace. It’s free and confidential.

The 26TEN Network brings together business, community and government organisations to make it easier for people to get the skills they need for life and work.

Contact 1300 002610, visit or look for the logo to connect with the right program or service for you or someone you know.