Monday, 11 March 2013

Three Dance Events

1. Luminous Flux – Tasdance

Luminous Flux opens to audiences in Launceston on Friday, 15 March 2013, premiering as part of Ten Days on the Island.

As the Tasdance ensemble reach the final stages of their rehearsal period in the studio, before production week at the Earl Arts Centre in Launceston, the excitement mounts.

"It's all coming together brilliantly", comments Artistic Director, Annie Greig, "the fine details are being crafted by our talented ensemble with guidance from rehearsal director Kialea-Nadine Williams. Production manager Darren Willmott is dealing with all the staging and lighting requirements before going into the theatre".

Dancer, Brianna Kell, who has performed with Tasdance since 2011, has been relishing the challenges of remounting Tanja Liedtke's work, Enter Twilight, and creating a new piece, Light Entertainment with Australian choreographer Byron Perry. "It's great to have had the opportunity to remount Tanja's work as she is such a seminal choreographer in Australian dance. And working with Byron was an inspiring and enjoyable experience giving us the freedom to explore a new creative process".

Earlier this week, Solon Ulbrich assisted the company for Enter Twilight rehearsals. Sol, familiar to Tasdance audiences for his work South as part of the 2011 Artery season, was Tanja Liedtke's creative coordinator for the creation of Enter Twilight in 2004.

After two intense days in the studio, Sol commented "even though it was created in 2004 the work is still looking fresh and relevant for audiences today, and the dancers are doing a fantastic job. It's exciting that Enter Twilight is getting seen again".

Following the Tasmanian season, Tasdance heads to Riverside Theatre in Parramatta, NSW, to perform Luminous Flux over two nights in April 2013.

Enter Twilight is presented with kind permission from the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

Launceston Earl Arts Centre
Friday, 15 March at 8pm,
Saturday, 16 March at 1pm and 8pm Tickets

Devonport DECC
Tuesday, 19 March at 8pm,
Wednesday, 20 March at 1pm Tickets

Hobart Theatre Royal
Tuesday, 26 March at 8pm,
Wednesday, 27 March at 1pm and 8pm Tickets

2. Finding Centre – Trisha Dunn
Long-time dancer with Tasdance, Trisha Dunn, takes the brave step of creating her own solo work, Finding Centre, which will premiere as part of Ten Days on the Island in March 2013.

Following a distinguished career with Tasdance, Trisha returns to the stage with an insightful and widely pertinent exploration of balance.

With a captivating visual landscape, Finding Centre incorporates the creativity of visual artists Jason Lam and Adam Synnott, and features lighting design from Tasdance production manager, Darren Willmott.

Launceston architect Richard Hall from Spacial Oddity provides a large set with two panoramic screens upon which Trisha, Jason and Adam deftly experiment with the interplay between live and pre-recorded performance.

Supported by Ten Days on the Island, Theatre North and Tasdance, Trisha's solo has also received funding from the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, and Arts Tasmania by the Minister of the Arts.

For more information, check out Trisha's feature in Think Tasmania.

Launceston Earl Arts Centre
Wednesday 20 March 8pm
Thursday 21 March 8pm
Friday 22 March 6.30pmTickets

3. On Your Marks - Stompin
Big, bold and cheeky! Stompin's On Your Marks season has a world premiere Saturday 23 March 2013 at Aurora Stadium in Launceston.

Guest choreographer, Adam Wheeler, once again joins the dynamic Stompin' team to create an innovative site-specific performance for Tasmanian youth performers.

In its latest production, Launceston-based youth dance company Stompin, well-known for its thirst for challenge, poses the question: can we achieve more through competition or cooperation?

The show is presented in a live fusion of roving dance and video documentary, played out in the gladiatorial surrounds of a sports stadium.

A fast-moving blend of physical theatre and dance which has defined Stompin’s far-reaching reputation, On Your Marks is a light-hearted fun piece of entertainment with broad appeal, not just for its cheeky provocation.

Launceston Aurora Stadium
Saturday 23 March 8pm
Sunday 24 March 8pm
Monday 25 March 8pm
Tuesday 26 March 8pmTickets