Thursday, 21 March 2013

Introduction to Meal Management

Peter Galligan, Physical Impairment Coordinator
P: 6212 3312 M: 0417 387 045 E:
Workshop for teacher aides, teachers and families involved in assisting students with disabilities with meal management.
Learning Services South DoE schools

Rokeby Police Academy
April 19, 11am – 1pm
This session is presented by Speech Pathologists: Kate Stansbie (LS South) and Tennille Burns (St Giles). Participants will learn basic skills about meal management and how to assist students with eating or swallowing difficulties in the school environment. 
Please note that this workshop follows the ‘Infection Control’ PD session (see notice in this edition of Infostream), but is a separate presentation. Participants may choose to attend one or both sessions. There is no cost for the Meal Management workshop.