Thursday, 21 March 2013

Footy Colours Day - 6 September 2013

Lyn Elford, Fight Cancer Foundation
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Footy Colours Day 2013 will be held on Friday September 6. Many schools support this event each year and many have already registered to participate in 2013.

Fight Cancer Foundation was established in 1989 and established Research Laboratories, the Bone Marrow Donor Registry and the Cord Blood Bank which provide the opportunity for a second chance of life for people suffering leukaemia or other blood cancers. We also provide support services and programs for people living with cancer. We collaborate with the Royal Melbourne Hospital in vital cancer research and have three accommodation centres for regional patients who need to be close to their treating hospitals.

Footy Colours Day – always the first Friday in September – is the day we ask all Australians to wear their favourite footy colours and make a donation to support young Australians – through the Fight Cancer Back on Track program, which enables young students living with cancer to continue their education during long absences through treatment and recovery.

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