Thursday, 28 March 2013

Felt Presence Exhibition

Contact: Astrid Joyce, Devonport Regional Gallery
P: 6424 8296 E: W:

Location: Devonport - Year 7-12 NW students

Date of Event: 28 April 2013
Intended Audience: All Interested

Many Tasmanians have ancestors who were sent to Tasmania, then known as Van Diemens Land, as convicts. This exhibition focuses on female convicts and invites female artists to research and explore the life, or lives of women and children sent here in the 1800s.

The exhibition curator asked the artists to consider how they might make and present work about something that happened so long ago and to also consider whether it is possible to represent the past in a meaningful way in the present.

Felt Presence will be on display at the Gallery (45-47 Stewart Street, Devonport) until 28 April. Please contact the Gallery to make a booking. Floor talks are free of charge. The Gallery can accommodate up to 30 students at a time.

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